Immanuel Baptist Church is located in a prominent central position in Southsea, Portsmouth.

We would like to welcome everyone to our church who would like to find out more about our belief, and how we integrate Jesus into our everyday life.

We are a group of people who have a living relationship with God through faith in his Son Jesus Christ, whom he sent to live in this world and die in our place, so that the relationship that human rebellion had broken could be restored.

From different backgrounds, ethnicity and life experiences, our lives have been changed and we want to share that excitement with others who want to accompany us on our discovery that the Bible is to be taken seriously and made understandable to everyone.

We hope that whatever contact you have with us, through the internet or through our doors – you’ll feel welcomed by folk who live in the real world and who have discovered that Jesus is real!

A movement which aims to provide an outreach program to men in local communities by holding various activities.
The Southern Counties Baptist Association (SCBA) is a family of about 150 Baptist Churches spread throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Dorset and Berkshire.
BUGB is the head of baptist churches and provides support in many ways. They are responsible for home mission, mission, faith and unity, finance and legal, ministry and communications.