As the Corona Virus known as Covid-19 continues to spread across the UK, we are taking government advice to suspend all church activities, including Sunday services. We deeply regret having to take this decision, but believe it is our responsibility to protect the most vulnerable members of our church family as well as the wider community.

For further information and advice for churches, please go the the Baptist Union website.


Immanuel Baptist Church is located at the top of Victoria Road North, in a prominent position in Southsea, Portsmouth.

We welcome everyone to our church who would like to find out more about our beliefs and how we integrate Jesus into our everyday lives.

At Immanuel, we have a living relationship with our Almighty Father through our faith in His son Jesus Christ who was sent to live in this world and die in our place so that the relationship which human rebellion broke apart could be restored.

We may come from different countries and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but everyone at Immanuel is a child of God and knows His everlasting love.  Our lives have been changed through our faith in Jesus Christ and it is our heart’s desire to be witnesses to the love, grace and eternal hope we know as Christians.

We hope that whatever contact you have with us – be it through the internet or face to face – you’ll feel welcomed by real people living in the real world, who have discovered that Jesus Christ is real!