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We are thrilled to announce the baptism of our brother, Paul Watson, on 18th March. Over the past year, Paul has become an active and much-loved member of our church family.

Paul’s baptism service was attended by his joyous father, Malcolm Watson, and more than a dozen family friends who braved the snow to travel from Central Baptist Church in Chelmsford, the Watson family’s home church. Along with them was a wonderful team of singers and musicians who joined with musicians from Immanuel to help us raise the roof in celebration. In addition, Paul’s sister, Lynne, and her husband, Andy, flew in from the United States. Closer to home, a number of Paul’s friends from other denominations came to witness his baptism, as did several non-Christian friends and work colleagues. Paul says he was especially touched by the collaborative and inclusive nature of the service.

The service was led by Immanuel’s Chris Cox, and the speaker was Rev Lindsay Caplen from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity.